2015: The Whirlwind Year I’m Ready to Leave Behind

This year has been one filled with some of my best moments but also some of my worst. That being said, It’s taught me a lot about myself and what I want (and don’t want), about my inner strength and that there is still a lot of open-ended opportunities out there.


2015 arrived and with it I flew off to Italy to spend January studying abroad in Florence with some amazing people. My 20 days in Italy were such an amazing experience that I would love to do all over.

I returned home to start my final semester at Hofstra sick and buried by the tons of snow that fell in the Northeast this past winter. To say that my final semester was a whirlwind is a bit of an understatement but lucky for me I had some amazing people (Courtney, Taylor and Sara) by my side through it all, a class with one of the best professors I ever had the opportunity to learn from at Hofstra and got to continue my wonderful internship with Coyne PR.


With graduation came some great moments and some difficult ones. Just before graduation I was offered a great opportunity to work with Inner Circle Labs in San Fransisco with some really interesting people but after a lot of consideration and internal arguments I decided that at this time in my life the idea of packing up and moving across the country was a little bit more than I was ready for.

Graduation itself was a time for celebration as I walked cum laude in a special honors ceremony as well as amongst my fellow communications and business peers in our main ceremony. But with all of the excitement and rejoicing of graduation comes a wave of changes that no college student really seems to look back upon while reminiscing of the good times and that’s having to suddenly say goodbye to the friends who were just a walk across campus away, the self-catering schedule that comes with college and the carefree-ness of not worrying about the responsibilities of full adulthood thrust upon you. Hours after graduation found me sitting outside my dorm building, my last few things packed in the car and tears in my eyes as I said goodbye to one of my best friends who was not only leaving like me but was moving to LA to pursue a job.


From there great things seemed to continue happening, both of my brothers graduated from high school in the top 15 of their classes and with plans to continue on to BC and Hofstra and I had received a job offer to work with The Brooks Group in Manhattan.

By July I was living in Brooklyn and commenting into New York for work everyday. From there things went downhill. Though I had only started in July by Labor Day I was let go due to budget (though the position was once again available only months later) and found myself with a Brooklyn apartment and no income to speak of. Within days I was home amongst the support of family and friends and returning to part-time work as a substitute teacher and as an office assistant at the dentist office I worked at in high schooling off and on in college.

By the end of October I was officially moved out and headed home amidst a big family health scare and following a car accident totaling my brothers – and formerly my – car though fortunately for us with the way our fall went, the car was the only thing damaged in the accident.

It’s my hope that with this New Year will come a fresh start for our family and some better memories than what we’ve been given as of late.

I hope that whatever it is you’re looking for this New Year you find it.

Happy New Year!



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