Confessions Of a Recent Grad


I couldn’t even begin to count how many times as a college senior I said I was ready to be done and moving on into the working world…not because I wanted the stress of rents, bills etc. but because I was done with the late nights, papers and endless exams. Now that I’ve been done with school for four months I’d like to go back and kindly smack myself upside the head for rushing things, being an adult is seriously no fun – or at least, it’s not all fun and games.

Like every college graduate in the spring it became my job to apply for jobs and start considering questions that required grown up answers from only one person – me, myself and I. I needed to think about things like where do I want to live, can I get a job there, what is my cost of living going to be…blah blah blah. You get the picture, very important questions that quite frankly I don’t think any young 20-something can answer easily and if they can, well I’d like to meet them and ask them how they did it.

Amongst many job applications, I applied, interviewed for and received a job offer in San Fransisco and only realized after it all that hypothetically the idea of moving across the country to San Fransisco sounded great but in reality I’m not ready to take that big of a leap. This put me back at square one.

At the same time, mind you, I’m not the only one of my friends who’s moving on with their life post college. We’re all on the hunt for the future together which includes competing against each other in some ways and also means that quite frankly we scatter where that takes us. This may not seem like a big deal, friends move all the time and I myself am no stranger to long distance friendships, but going from being able to walk five minutes to your friends dorm to suddenly being in different time zones is also a huge adjustment and sort of heartbreaking. College pretty much gives us an all access pass to our friends, something the rest of the world does not.

I picked up my search again with a large focus in Boston, since MA is my home state, and a secondary search in NYC since I’d had already spent the last 3 years attending school on Long Island and interning in Manhattan. That search brought me to a boutique agency called The Brooks Group that has a lot of different lifestyle clients including chefs, food brands, beauty and lifestyle experts. I was hired mid-June and in a whirlwind I found (and lost) and apartment in Brooklyn and 3 weeks later found myself scrambling to move into a last minute apartment choice with only the furniture I could fit in the back of my parents SUV since neither my mom or I could drive a U-Haul and my Dad couldn’t drive it down mid-week due to work.

Starting my job and being full time in Manhattan was definitely a change. No longer as I an intern working part time and commuting in on the LIRR. Now I was working 8:30-6:30 and commuting via the Subway and had company interns doing the same things I was used to doing.

Two months later and I find myself back at square one. Due to budget I was laid off from my job and now I’m on the hunt for another path to take for my future – except this time I already have an apartment in Brooklyn that keeps me tied there for at least another 9 months.

I’ve learned a lot about myself from this. I’ve learned that I’m resilient and I’ve also learned that I have the absolute best support system and appreciate every single friend and my family for being there for me.

I’ve got a lot of what-ifs to face again but I know I’m not alone 🙂


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