6 Jobs to Get in College

Rebecca Slawter

Editor’s note: this article first appeared on the Smart Girl’s Loop.

Smart Girls need a little green. There comes a time in every Smart Girls’ life where she needs to start earning her own income. I understand that situations differ dramatically; some girls start working part-time jobs in high school, while others are fortunate enough to go through most of college without one.

Whatever your situation is, occasionally we need to work less-than-glamorous jobs to get by. Here are just a few of your best options:

1. Retail

This was my torture of choice to get through school. After a year of working as a cashier in a local Hallmark, I was able to secure a sales job making wages plus commission. They worked around my school schedule and the commission was always a nice bonus.

I won’t lie: you will work your butt off in retail. Standing on…

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