Life As a Student Commuter


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Hofstra University Commuters Tackle Parking

For commuters at Hofstra University, driving to school has its perks and downfalls. One of the main issues is parking.

Although driving to school takes less travel time compared to public transportation, very few parking lots are available for commuters and they fill up pretty fast.

Fifty-four percent of Hofstra students commute and have designated parking spaces. There is one large commuter parking lot located by Breslin Hall and the law school as well as the north side of campus.

Public Safety has been working continuously to improve parking conditions for students who do not live in dorms. Director of Public Safety, Karen O’Callaghan, talked about the concerns students had about parking.

“I think the biggest issue with the parking is that students want to be able to park as close as they possibly can,” said O’Callaghan. “We have enough parking, but it’s sometimes on the north campus and it’s a little bit of a walk for students to get to class.”

Although Public Safety claims that there are enough parking spaces available, the lots that are located across the campus are often far away from students classes.

Senior Djenane Beaulieu, who commutes from Albertson in Nassau County, has to walk 10 minutes from her parking space in order to get to her classes.

“I park on the other side of campus which is the Student Center parking lot and it’s a lot easier because there is always a guaranteed spot,” said Beaulieu. “But at the same time it’s still far from my other classes.I have to walk through the parking lot and through the actual Student Center to go to my class on the other side.”

Students are not the only ones who have trouble finding parks on campus, but faculty as well. Joe Peyronnin, associate journalism professor who commutes from the Upper East Side of Manhattan, leaves his house early to avoid the inconvenience of finding a park in the commuter’s parking lot.

“I leave my house before 7 am even though I don’t have class until 10,” said Peyronnin. “I make it my business to get there [Hofstra University] early that way I know that I am going to get parking. But it also allows me to do more prep work for class.”

O’Callaghan and Public Safety are looking for ways to organize parking on busy school days.

“We always have space even on the busiest days but some of the things we are looking at is the class schedules and balancing class schedules because Tuesdays and Thursdays are our worst days,” said O’Callaghan.


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The biggest problem that commuters as facing not only at Hofstra University but also across Long Island is the trouble with parking. On all campus there is a limited amount of parking space. Student’s continually complain about how much time and effort it takes to find a parking space, and after doing so they are late to class. Additionally, in respects to Hofstra University, traffic jams are another concern especially on Hempstead Turnpike since students from 2 universities and local community members are trying to get home. All commuter students believe that something needs to be done about it, possible creating bigger parking lots or creating more parking areas.

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Commuting Infographic

The above infographic provides some info ration about Hofstra commuting. To see more of the infographic click the above link.


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