How To Finish Out Your Internship


Leaving an internship can be tough, especially if you’ve never gone through the process before. There’s a question of what’s professional yet still representative of the relationships that you’ve made at your internship and is likely to vary by internship as the environments are likely to change.

It can be a stressor because you want to leave a good final impression, after all, these are your future industry peers and you want to start off with a positive reputation.

Though it will vary by situation, thank you cards are always a good start. You don’t have to write one for everyone you ever worked with or interacted with during your internship, just those that you had continuous contact with and worked with on a regular basis. Don’t just use a generic thank you message for them all either, try to cater each thank you to the individual you’re giving it to. Also try to stick to simple cards design-wise. It should look nice but should also look professional like this example.

Not sure what to write?

My roommate gave me some great advice when I was writing my thank you cards in the form of a “formula”.

  1. Say your thank you. You can just be straightforward or you can highlight specific things you want to thank them for.
  2. Highlight a memory. Draw attention to a memory you made there while working with that person or maybe an inside joke.
  3. Keep the connection open. Reiterate your thank you and then make a point to wish them well/success in the future and express your interest in staying contacts in the future.

Saying your goodbye’s at an internship isn’t necessarily cut and dry but thank you cards are a great place to start.


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