New York and New Jersey Dealing with the Super Bowl Crowds


The crowd increase within the area surrounding the Super Bowl creates a lot more traffic for those who are commuters within the area. For some, the number of people on their trains into and out of New York City may be more crowded or delayed due to the increase of people moving about the same area.

The New York-New Jersey area has received an influx of visitors this past week as a result of the 2014 Super Bowl to be hosted at MetLife Stadium. The game will be a matchup between the AFC Champions, the Denver Broncos, and the NFC Champions, the Seattle Seahawks.

It is expected that 400,000 will visit the region to participate in other aspects of the Super Bowl and 80,000 football fans will attend the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 2nd according to Business Insider.  Of those fans, most are expected to be using New York and New Jersey public transit due to the transportation limits put into place by officials.

Due to the effects of the Super Bowl crowd on transportation many Long Island locals have become disgruntled. One such local is current Hofstra student Taylor Acosta who commutes into the city three days a week for her internship.

“Even though I do love football,” she says, “when anything like this happens it prevents the majority from going about their daily lives, in terms of commuting and traffic, and poses a safety threat.”

Even those who are not residents of New York City and the surrounding area but travel to the city regularly for business trips were overwhelmed by the large crowds.

“I left New York via Penn Station like I normally do when I travel home,” said Massachusetts resident John LaRouche. “I was very surprised by the number of people that were in Penn Station, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that crowded, however luckily, as I was headed out of the area it didn’t have too much of an impact on my own travels.”

Safety has become a large priority despite no known threats to this Sunday’s game. According to CBS New York authorities have heightened security for the surrounding area and TSA officials will check bags before allowing fans to board trains headed towards MetLife stadium. As a result, travel for fans on Sunday will be delayed and overcrowded as TSA official will certainly be taking their time to ensure that every bag is checked properly.

Public transportation is not the only aspect of New York-New Jersey area life that has been affected by the Super Bowl. New York City has seen an influx in tourists spending time in the city as a result of Super Bowl Boulevard, an interactive fan experience.

“There were definitely a lot more people,” says Hofstra student Julia Chappell who decided to check out Super Bowl Boulevard for herself after work Friday. “There were times I could barely shuffle along!”

Many who said they spent time at Super Bowl Boulevard felt that the experience was somewhat enjoyable but overall lost much of it’s appeal due to the large wait times as a result of the crowds.


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