State of the Union Address – 2014 Live-blog


Below is a live blog of President Obama’s 2014 State of the Union Speech this evening. To view the whole speech you can click here to view it via the New York Times.

10:18 – An American soldier Cory is one of the guests sitting with Michelle Obama. It’s nice to see the acknowledgment of one of the many who have sacrificed for this country.

10:12 – Obama brings up the athletes representing America in the Olympics. Let’s bring home the gold!

10:01 – All of our troops are out of Iraq and being removed from Afghanistan. Thank you to these who have served for our country.

9:55 – Obama acknowledges Republican dislike of the healthcare reform with a touch of humor. Nice touch.

9:46 – Women deserve equal pay for equal work. Go Obama! It’s time for us women to break the glass ceiling permanently. Lots of people attending appear to be with me.

9:45 – Obama mentions working on reaching out to young men of color and helping them work towards a successful future. What about young black girls?

9:43 – Obama is talking about making high quality pre-K available to all children. Earlier today a professor was talking about America’s decline in the quality of early education and how we compare to other countries.

9:40 – Steven Rodriguez, a New York student, is Obama’s example of what can happen  when education reforms help the students who need it. Like myself and many other college hopefuls he was recently accepted. Congratulations.

9:38 – Obama wants Congress to restore the unemployment benefits that they have taken away. Lots of applause and cheer.

9:34 – Obama says that it is settled, climate change is a fact. I’m not sure I believe that one completely, it’s still a bit wishy-washy to me.

9:27 – Money from his tax plans will go towards making more jobs and working on improving the roads. I know of plenty of places in the Northeast where the roads could certainly use some help.

9:17 – Jobs have increased? Not enough to ease the nerves of me and my peers who are looking at graduation within the next year/year and a half.

9:10 – Obama walks in to applause, stopping to shake hands with various people along the aisle.


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