Group Projects


Let’s face it, no student likes hearing the words “group project” come out of the mouths of their professors. Group projects often come with plenty of extra stress and frustration.

You don’t necessarily know what you’re getting into with a group project, especially when you’re assigned to a group. Will everyone do their share? Will people all be on the same page? Does everyone care as much about the impact on their grade?

But as my roommate reminded me amidst my own frustration with a group project, we have to work with people our whole lives in group project situations, it can be hard and stressful but we might as well learn to cope with it now rather than later.

Group projects are not a favorite of most people but they’re not going to be disappearing anytime soon. Sometimes it’s best to just suck it up and try to use the experience as an opportunity to grow and learn more about yourself.

Next time you’re struggling through a group project just think about the life skills that you can learn from it and how it will help you in your future career.


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