Happiness In Gratitude

I came across this video a little over a week ago and I think that it’s absolutely fantastic.

In light of this being a month of thanks I also think that its particularly fitting.

Think about how great receiving someone’s gratitude feels.  Now think about how great it would feel to be the person giving that gratitude…kind of nice huh?

This is a great idea.  We don’t need to sit down and necessarily write a letter every time we want to express our gratitude to someone but that doesn’t mean that we can’t stop to make a few expressions of gratitude and make both our day and someone else’s.

We should take more time in our lives to express our gratitude.

I’ll start and you can pay it forward.

Thank you for taking the time today to sit down and read my thoughts. In this busy modern world we live in I understand the value of 5 minutes.



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