Stress Overload


It’s that time of the semester again. The time when stress levels shoot into overdrive and the pile of work to do seems to double in size every time you begin to think you’re making a dent in it.

The middle of the semester is a hard time. The only part of the semester that’s worse is finals but at least then you have Christmas or summer break to look forward to afterwards.

It’s okay to feel completely overwhelmed by all the stress. Sometimes the best way to handle it all is to have a breakdown. You may not want to, but in the end you’ll fell like you’ve had a chance to just let your emotions out and give yourself some relief, even if only for a moment or two.

Everyone handles a stressful workload differently. Personally I find that it helps to make a prioritized list of what has to be done and when it’s due. Doing so allows me to feel like I have more control over all the work and seeing it mapped out makes it seem more feasible. It may not come to you right away but somewhere soon you’ll find what works best for you and begin to apply it to any stressful and overwhelming situation.

No matter how tough it gets just remember, you’re not alone this time of year. Look at the students that you normally walk by without a second glance and I’m sure you’ll notice that they look exactly how you feel.


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