Staying On Track


Managing at all the requirements that you need to fulfill before you graduate can seem like a daunting task.  You’ve got four years to take all these classes and you don’t know where to start.  Here’s where I can help.  You see, I love to organize things like that.

Here’s a few quick tips to help you organize your schedule for the next four, three, two or even one year that you have left of school.  For a more complete guide to help you, click here.

  1. Pick your gen-ed classes in the beginning. You don’t have to take them all right away but if you make a personal checklist for yourself you won’t have to search through the gen-ed list every time you decide to knock another one off the list. It keeps you more organized and save you time down the line.
  2. Get the basic major classes out of the way early.  Once you’ve picked a major check the requirements to see what classes you ned to take first.  Odds are there’s at least one class that you have to take before you can take any other classes.  Whether or not you plan to work on your major classes or gen-eds first the first class for your major is a good one to get done and fulfill prerequisite requirements.
  3. Take a few heavier semesters in the beginning.  No one wants to suddenly find out that their four-year plan has to become a 5-year plan because that one semester they dropped a class put them behind 3 credits.  Take an extra course here or there when you think you can manage it to give you some cushion. No one wants to drop a class but it still may happen.
  4. Use a degree audit system. Most schools have some sort of system (mine in DegPar) that will plug in your major and classes taken and spit out a detailed list of what requirements you have completed and what requirements you still need.  Use it!  It will help you make sure you stay on track.

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