The Importance of Networking Early


Networking. It’s never too early to start.  In fact, 65-70% of jobs are obtained through networking.

Why am I talking about networking?  Well this past week I was lucky enough to have the chance to listen to a guest speaker from BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.) during one of my classes.  It was great to hear about a job that is in the field that I want to pursue (entertainment PR).

Take advantage of opportunities like this and begin to build your network, professors often stress the importance of it and statistics back them up.

  1. Introduce yourself.  It may seem awkward to have to reach out first but it shows confidence when you go up to someone and introduce yourself, it shows initiative.
  2. Get their contact info.  If you’re going to network you have to make sure you have a way to keep in contact with them after that initial introduction.
  3. Send a thank you e-mail. Not only will it make them feel like their time was appreciated, it will help to get your name out there and make it one they remember.
  4. Work to create a professional relationship.  You never know when a professional relationship with someone could come in handy.  It could be that they help you get that internship you really want right now, that first job out of college or even moving your way up the career ladder.  Whatever the case, make sure they know who you are and the qualities that make you good at what you do.
  5. Make a LinkedIn profile.  If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, you should make one.  It’s a way to put your resume online and put your network online.  IT’s a tool that’s coming in use more and more.

Curious to learn more about networking and job hunting?  Here are a few statistics as well as a link for you to click on.  I think number 2 is incredibly important to keep in mind which I’ve written more about here.

  1. 46% of men and 39% of women find their jobs through networking. The hire your income, the more effective networking becomes.
  2. According to a study commissioned by Microsoft, 79 percent of employers now conduct an online search of applicants. Fully 70 percent say they have turned down applicants by what they found online. However, only 7 percent of job applicants were concerned about their online reputations.
  3. Face-to-face meeting and telephone were most prevalent forms of networking. Email and online networking only account for 6%.

Click here to see where I got this info as well as learn other statistics.


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