5 Things I Love About Fall

DSC08084This past weekend was the official start to fall and I’m absolutely loving it!  Why?  Well here’s a few of the reason’s why I love fall and I’m sure you do too.

  1. Fall Flavors.  Apples, pumpkin and spices galore!  The flavors of fall are some of my absolute favorite.  I love a nice warm cup of apple cider when I’m reading a book, a pumpkin hershey kiss for a quick burst of sweet, an apple cider donut or even a yummy slice of my mom’s awesome pumpkin bread.  There’s so much that can be done with fall flavors and it’s nearly impossible to go wrong!
  2. Boots.  My favorite outfit in the fall is anything that involves wearing skinny jeans tucked into a pair of boots.  They’re super comfortable to wear and instantly change the look of any outfit.
  3. Nature.  Who doesn’t love the colors that nature takes on in fall?  It’s absolutely gorgeous to watch the leaves turn colors and create masterpieces everywhere you look.
  4. Thanksgiving. Lot’s and lot’s of delicious homemade food.  What college kid wouldn’t love Thanksgiving?  Aside from the delicious food there’s also the quality time with family that makes this holiday wonderful.  Whether you spend quality time together helping in the kitchen, playing a game of family football or catching up over turkey it’s all fun.
  5. Fall Photography.  Fall is my absolute favorite time to take photos because nature is one of my favorite subjects and there is a lot going in nature during fall.  I love feeling like I captured an image of a beautiful fall moment.

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