Picture This In 20 Years


As a PR major and marketing minor I’m always hearing about the importance of having a good brand image.  This is logical no?

This applies to us as individuals as well.  We often don’t think about it in the midst of trying to enjoy college but we are brands.

Every picture we share, tweet we write and Facebook status that we post is meant to be representative of some part of us and to help portray a specific image that we want to share with everyone else on social media.

That being said, a lot of college aged students post things with the idea of representing who they are as a college student and think nothing beyond that.  There are lots of great memories to be had in college and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to share them but what happens when you go to apply for an internship your junior year or a job around graduation and an embarrassing photo of you at a party suddenly shows up on the monitor of your potential employer?  Is that the impression you want them to have?

It’s becoming more common for employers to look up who you are when you are applying for a job and no matter how tight your privacy settings are things can still get out there.  How upsetting would it be to know that a photo you posted from Freshman year is the reason that you weren’t hired?

It’s easy to forget to think about and the future when you want to focus on living in the now but you are a brand that you have to sell and you need to begin to think about that.

You want to be able to sell the image of a confident and responsible college graduate who is eager to earn and work their way up the career ladder.

I’m not saying that you should no longer post any of the things you do at school, just use your judgement and think of how what you post is going to reflect back on you.

P.S.  If you’re looking to try to clean up some of your social media, this is a good place to start

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