Big Brother: Society Still Has Some Things To Work On

Big Brother is absolutely one of my favorite shows and most certainly my favorite summertime show.  If you haven’t watched the show the basic premise is that a group of 14-16 people are locked into a house and compete in different competitions for power and the chance to veto (or save) one of two people nominated for eviction each week.  Needless to say, the show is pretty dramatic with that many people all locked up together.  The show has earned its name because the public can watch the houseguests 24/7 if they choose to pay for the live feed on top of the three nights it airs on television.

This season has been more dramatic than ever before.  Why?  Many of the houseguests have seemingly forgotten that everything they say and do is out there for the whole world to witness.  Racist and homophobic comments have been flying left and right.  The woman, Aaryn Gries, in the video above was the houseguest most notorious for just such behavior.  Things got so bad this summer that the show, which is in its 15th season, has begun to have a disclaimer at the beginning of every episode.

Why are racism and homphobia still such an issue?  I understand that homophobia is still a topic that’s in pretty heated discussion politically but racism?  Really?  There is so much in this world that people just choose to look the other way but race and sexual orientation still are subjects for crude, violent and emotionally damaging behavior.  As a society we have come so far and yet we still have a long way to go.

It’s sad to see that people like Aaryn Gries exist however it’s nice to see that the general publics reaction to such behavior shows that the majority of society is headed in the right direction.  Now if we can just all get there…

Next time you think of making a derogatory remark towards anybody for any sort of reason think twice about it.

Nobody deserves to be treated differently for being who they are.


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