Bittersweet August


August is here, and with it is the disappointing knowledge for many that summer is almost at an end.  Parents have begun their back to school shopping for their kids, people are going on their final trips for the summer and kids are both happy and sad to have to be thinking of returning to school.

I personally fit into that last category.  In conversations with fellow interns at my summer internship and with college aged friends we’ve all reached a similar consensus; that August is a bittersweet month.

When August hits we all realize the things that we had planned to do but haven’t yet done whether it was a quick road trip with friends, picking up that new hobby we’ve wanted to try or even just reading a book you know you won’t have time for at any other point during the year.  We look at all the things we wanted to do and wonder where all of June and July went and how we ran out of the time we thought we’d have to get it all done and then some.

Then we think about September: dreaded but exciting September.  The time when our classes start up again and we’re buried in homework and eating school food.  But yet, we’re also excited to return to campus because we’re more than ready to see the friends who’ve been home in other states.  We’re ready to catch up and then make some more crazy wonderful memories at school.

And I’m sure, that while I’m sitting here reflecting on the summer I’ve had, the things I have and haven’t done and the things that are coming up in September, you’re all doing the same.  My wish to you as this last summer month disappears is that whatever you do, you make the most of it and most importantly make a few more happy summer memories.


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