Live Life. Live It Wisely.

success Being from the town where recent events have occurred with former Patriot’s player Hernandez, I thought that I would talk a little bit about taking advantage of life’s opportunities instead of throwing them away as he did. I certainly don’t have tons of experience with life as I’ve only been around for 20 years, but I do know that what Hernandez did is not the way to take advantage of all that life has to offer.

  1. For starters, think things through. I know this is
    not a new lesson in life, but seriously, you should stop and think
    about consequences. We all do it less than we should.
    Sure, maybe the immediate outcome seems great but what about
    down the line? You still have to live the future, it’s
  2. Don’t throw away success in one
    moment of displeasure or unhappiness. Things may not seem
    great then, but they’ll feel even worse when you have to deal with
    the repercussions later. See #1 people. Everything has
    a consequence, make sure you’re willing to live with it.
  3. Be careful who you associate with. It’s hard to cut
    off people even if we know they’re not the best influence. I
    know, I’ve been there a couple times and it certainly wasn’t easy.
    However, it’s easier to cut them off now then have your
    relationship come back to hurt you some way in the
  4. Be selfish but not too selfish.
    What I mean is that you should be selfish in what you want in
    life and the dreams you reach for, but don’t be so caught up in
    your own aspirations that you’ll do anything to get to that dream.
    There should always be a limit somewhere, most likely having
    something to do with the law or ethics and morality, but there
    should still be a limit where something is too much to ask for in
    return for your dream becoming a reality. For example, don’t
    take credit for someone else’s hard work to further yourself
    instead of them be able to further themselves. We
    all have dreams.
  5. Be thorough in what you do in life. Have a plan to
    accomplish something all the way through, that’s when it will be a
    completely successful plan. You wouldn’t for example propose
    a plan to your boss if you didn’t have everything mapped through
    and you felt that all possible loose ends or potholes were covered.
    Apply that to your own personal aspirations. Again
    return to number 1. If you’ve thoroughly planned something
    through, you not only know what you’re getting into, but you also
    know how to handle things when it gets a little bit
  6. YOLO. Seriously, you only
    live once. Don’t throw your
    whole life away because of one stupid decision. We’re all
    going to make mistakes, I know, it’s part of life, but keep in mind
    when you’re being reckless that there are people out there who are
    wishing for more time and you’re laughing in their faces when you
    laugh in the face of fate. Enjoy life, but enjoy it well and
    with measured risks.

It’s a shame to see the life that Hernandez has likely thrown away because of the events of one night. Don’t throw your life away, live it to the fullest. You’re here for a reason, live up to that reason whether it’s to be a wonderful mother, husband, inventor, philanthropist or something else, and enjoy life while you’re at it.


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