Summertime Fun

Summer.  Who doesn’t love it?  The warm weather, family vacations and trips to the beach.  Summer is a fun happy time that is perfect for making some wonderful memories.  A lot of people look back on their childhood summer’s and have at least a dozen memories to share that are happy, funny and reminiscent of a great time.

Not all of those memories are necessarily from the big events though.  Yes, family vacations usually lead to some pretty awesome memories (I know mine have), but sometimes it’s the little moments of summer that make the best memories.

Why am I talking about summer memories?  Well, aside from the more obvious fact that it’s summer, a few of my summer memories have been dredged up lately and they’re ones that I’m not sure I really knew were there.

One of my jobs this summer is interning at a Children’s Museum as a PR Intern.  A task that I’ve had recently has been to work on some blog content for the museum that gives different ideas to parents on activities to do with their kids this summer.  While I’ve been researching ideas and coming up with a mix of my own, memories of my childhood’s past have come up.

Water balloon fights with family, games of drip, drip drop in the backyard, climbing all over to sky fort in the backyard and even some of the rainy day crafts my brothers and I would do.

These memories and others have made creating this blog post particularly enjoyable for me to work on because it’s been fun to look back on the summer memories.

It’s amazing how some of the littlest things that happened have become memories that make me smile.  As a result, I tried to apply this idea to some of the ideas I put in the blog for work.  These kids don’t always need an exciting day out captured completely in photos for a memory, sometimes they just need the time that they spend doing little activities with friends, parents and siblings to create a good memory.

Don’t take moments for granted because you never know which moments will become the ones that you look back on fondly.


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