Find Your Sweet Obsession


You may or may not have seen my other blog 2 Sweet Obsession.  If you haven’t, it’s a baking blog where I share different recipes that I make.  The reason I’m writing about this is not to plug my other blog, but to talk about finding your passion, which is in my case, baking.

Why do I love baking?  Other than the obvious fact that I enjoy having nice treats around the house, baking is more to me.  One of the best feelings in my opinion is the feeling of success after baking a new recipe well enough to fit the standards of my family’s and more specifically my taste buds.  I love knowing that I was able to take different ingredients and make something delicious and pretty from them.

I think everyone needs to have something like baking in their life because without a passionate hobby, where is the drive in life?  Where is the passion to further oneself in ability?  Where is the reason to constantly try to better ourselves?  Nowhere.

Without a passion in life, there is little passion for life.


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