You Are BeYOUtiful

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This past week I had the fantastic opportunity to present a pr campaign proposal that I was extremely proud of.  Even though it’s the end of the semester and my stress levels are getting up there, this was one assignment I was more than happy to do and I had a great group of classmates to work with on it (it was a group project).  By the time all was said and done, I wanted this campaign proposal to be real, not just a class project because I was so proud of it but also because I thought that it had a great purpose as it’s main goal:  to inspire young women to believe in themselves and embrace their natural beauty.

Isn’t that a great goal?  I thought so.  I won’t say what magazine, but my group decided to pick a well known fashion magazine that targets younger women as the company to promote this BeYOUtiful campaign.  It’s the perfect way to reach out to young women in a large mass, not to mention, it was almost all a giant social media effort which means that women can support each other in a public way, something we should all do more often.

Too often women look at the everyday images provided to them through advertising and television as to what a woman should look and believe it to be true, but those images are not true.  Yes, some people are model skinny, and if that is how they are born then they should embrace that shape as beautiful because it is.  But if someone isn’t born that way and is instead born more curvy, why isn’t that just as beautiful?  It is, society just doesn’t acknowledge it.

Besides, why do women want to look so much alike by fitting into this cookie cutter image of beauty?  Isn’t real beauty being unique and standing out from the rest?  I think so.  I think that being yourself and embracing that natural beauty instead of molding yourself to fit society’s image is true beauty.  It’s beautiful because not only is it YOU, but it takes courage.  A little secret, courage looks good on a woman and it makes life a lot easier to enjoy.

Just think about it.  Next time you look at yourself in the mirror acknowledge the fact that you are BeYOUtiful just as you are ❤


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