Your Brain Is Beautiful


“A beautiful woman with a brain is an absolutely lethal combination.” – Prabal Gurung

These words ring true and yet I see women playing dumb all the time in hopes of getting the attention of a guy. My only thought is why? Why do you want the attention of a guy who only likes you because he thinks you’re dumb?  You deserve so much more than that and you know it.  In the end the right guy is the one who accepts you for you.  By being your intelligent self you are showing a guy your true beauty, what’s in your brain and in your heart.  If you’re dumbing yourself down you’re hiding your true beauty from a guy.

smart-girls-are-the-over-thinkers-the-insecure-ones-240x320I know that you’re thinking that a lot of guys don’t seem to like smart girls and oftentimes seem to be intimidated by a smart girl.  If they’re truly intimidated by your brains then it’s most likely because they realize how amazing you are and are worried about how you view them, they wonder how it is that this intelligent and beautiful woman is interested in them.

That last sentence, isn’t that what you’re really looking for in a guy; someone who sees you as an intelligent and beautiful woman?

Think of the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.  What did she do to try to lose him?  She acted way dumber than she really was in her efforts to push him away.  Why did he stay (bet aside)?  He stayed because the first night they met he saw a glimpse of who she really was and wanted to rediscover that girl.  The one who was smart, driven and passionate about life.




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