An Identity In Music


Music is something that touches every life in one way or another.  For some music is that noise that comes from the radio, others it’s an art form to appreciate and for some it is a lifestyle.  In all instances, music is a representation of a person’s identity.  In my case I am someone who falls in between viewing music as an art form to be appreciated and a lifestyle.  For a long time I thought that I would make music my lifestyle because it is a very large passion of mine.

Music is a representation of more than just the amount of precedence we allow it to take in our lives, music is the story of our lives, where we’ve come from, how we grew up and what life events we’ve celebrated and mourned.  Music is for instance a representation of our parents.  I know personally that both of my parents are represented in my music taste.  My father is where I get more of my love for rock and metal where my mother is where I get more of my love for pop-country and 80’s music.  Music is also a reflection of a generation.  The generation of teenagers and young adults in the 50’s are defined by rock and roll, the 70’s by disco and the 90’s by pop.  My generation is part of the generation defined by 90’s pop and even more current pop, rock, techno etc and I can see all of it having influenced my taste in music.  The types of music that we listen to also reflect what happens in our lives whether it is something that has a small impact or a long-lasting impact on our lives.  Think Taylor Swift and all of the young girls who like to listen to her music because the teenage heartbreak is something they’re able to relate to or Lady Gaga and the individuality that she has helped inspired people to embrace.  Every song of every word has some meaning to our lives whether or not we really think about it.  The lyrics reach to a part of our emotions that makes us feel like we are not alone in our emotions and experiences.  When I think about the different music phases I’ve been through there are certain time sin my life where they certainly apply to a certain emotion to the point that sometimes I still associate that emotion or event in my life with certain songs years later.

Not only are we identified by the role that music plays in our lives, but also by the type of music we listen to, sometimes to a point where we are over stereotyped.  People define you by the kind of music or in turn they define the type of music they figure you must listen to based on your appearance,  I myself have been subjected to the latter.    I have had many people assume that I listen to pop music and Top 40’s but while that is true, I also listen to heavy metal which always comes as a shock because I “don’t look like a heavy metal fan”.   On top of that, I sing and I sing neither pop or heavy metal but instead I sing broadway and classical music.  I have picked and chosen what music is externally expressed and some days one type is expressed more than another.  Music allows us to both internally and externally express ourselves, it’s all up to us how we choose to embrace music and how much we want to express it.


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