Time Flies


It’s hard to believe that the fall semester is almost over.  It seems like just yesterday I started my sophomore year of college here at Hofstra.  Transferring universities is a choice that I’m happy I made. I’ve been very happy here and have really enjoyed the area. However, this semester has certainly been a crazy one.

For starters, Hofstra hosted the second presidential debate in October which I was lucky to be a part of.  Campus was insane during the debate.  There was an msnbc stage set up outside of my student center and even though I live on the edge of north campus  I could still hear the people cheering by my building!  Security was definitely heavy.  Because of where I live on campus, I have a street that runs behind my building and then a field on the other side of it.  There were army helicopters (normal and the big green army ones) landing right behind my building!  It was so cool to watch and I could do it from my bedroom window!  A couple days before the debate I was driving behind some secret service guys on my way off campus for work.  It was kind of funny.  They had their suits, sunglasses, and ear pieces while driving in a golf cart.  But a lot of eastern north campus (where the debate was held) was closed off.   I could see the debate hall and media center from my building but couldn’t drive over there (that was part of where they closed things off) and there was always a lot of construction and trucks in there.  On the day of the debate I was actually in that area but in order to get there I had to show my security pass (the secret service had to do a background check on me for it which i think is kind of cool).  I had the second highest clearance access for the event.  The only building I couldn’t get into was the actual debate hall (where we have our basketball games and indoor graduation) but I was instead in the building right next door.  I was within a mile of our president…kinda cool.  The building that I was in was the media center.  It was where are the journalists were and a lot of television hosts who discussed it.  Also, that was where a lot of the politicians were for spin alley.  It was crazy!!  I was a transcript runner which meant that during the debate I was running around amongst the journalists with stacks of different sections of the transcripts handing them out to whoever wanted them.  It was very tiring.  Debate night was so much fun though.  I love knowing that I was part of history.

Just a few weeks after the debate Long Island (as well as much of the northeastern coast) was hit by hurricane Sandy and severely beaten up.  Classes were cancelled for the week following and again when a nor’easter hit days later.  Experiencing the hurricane was strange to say the least and I was lucky that of all the places on Long Island to be I was here at Hofstra.  I was in probably one of the safer places on the island during the hurricane.  My heart goes out to those who weren’t as lucky as I was, so many homes were destroyed.  Ever since, campus has been even busier than ever after having been set back so much.  Everyone was trying to keep to the same pace that was originally set for the semester while also trying to recover from Sandy.

One of the more positive notes to this semester is that I just returned to school after spending Thanksgiving Break at home…that was my fourth visit with my family this semester which is also equal to the number of times that I saw them total all year while I was at UNCA.  I love being closer to home.

Now there’s just three weeks to the semester and I get to head home until the end of January.  Life has gotten pretty crazy pretty quickly as a result of the quickly approaching finals but the end result is totally worth it!

This semester has been a hectic one so far but I’m glad that I’ve had the chance to make some great friends and memories here.


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