A Fresh Start


Hofstra has been a great change for me.  I feel much more relaxed here. I think a large part of that is because I know that I can get in my car and go home at any time.  Just this past weekend I was able to drive home for the four day weekend.  It was a longer drive home (about 5 hours) than it was to come back (about 3 1/2 hours).  Even so, I was home before eight Friday night.  I finally had the chance to see my brothers play in one of their high school soccer games.  Also, my parents surprised me with a brand new 2012 Toyota Corolla.  The way that they surprised me was great. After having such good luck driving the Murano home I didn’t want to push that luck and so I was borrowing Dad’s car to take the boys bowling in an effort not to test the luck I had with the Murano getting home.  Right before we left though they asked me to take them to the supermarket to pick out a birthday card for Mom.  I told them that we could do that quickly so I took them to the store.  When we were walking out Brandon said that he wanted to race Ryan to the car and I told them that before they did I wanted to make sure I remembered the right row.  I had the right row however Dad’s car was not there…some random white car was.  I started freaking out thinking that I’d managed to get Dad’s car stolen.  Then the boys run over and they’re pointing to the white car and saying “the car’s right there” to which I was saying, “That car is white not black!  That’s not Dad’s car!” but they were ignoring me.  Then Ryan gets in the car and Brandon hands me a strange set of keys before joining Ryan in the car and I’m like “What are you doing!  That’s not our car!  What keys are these?”  Then Mom and Dad came over and explained that it was mine because they didn’t want to have to worry that my car might not give me problems as I was driving home (something that the Murano couldn’t do as it was having trouble with acceleration).  I got to visit with people around town this past weekend as well.  The best part of this whole weekend though was that I was able to spend time with my family and it was only within three weeks of the last time I saw them instead of four months.

I think that my happiness here is also due to the fact that everyone seems happy to be here.  As one of my professors said, everyone is pretty happy here and it reflects in their teaching skills and their efforts as a student and everyone is always happy to make you feel welcome.  In fact, I have quite a few professors who have either had kids who have attended the school or they themselves are alumni and loved the school so much that they came back to teach here.  I feel more comfortable as well as I don’t culturally stand out as I did in North Carolina.  Instead of being the only one that I know of from my state at the school I am now one of many people from Massachusetts at my school and one of a few people from from my hometown.  It’s a nice feeling to be welcomed openly by everyone that I have come across and to not be labeled as someone who is different.

I also have gotten more actively involved this year as there are so many more organizations that grab my interest here.  It’s helped me to really get to know a lot of different people and has helped to make being a transfer student a little easier.  I’ve been able to help with the Hoftra Chronicle as a part of the copy editing team, I am involved with the Nexus yearbook, I have volunteered to work at the Presidential Debates which will be hosted here in October, and have gotten involved with a couple other campus organizations.  There’s so much to experience here and I want to make sure that I experience as much as I can.

So far Hofstra seems to be a great fit for me and I’m really starting to settle in here.


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