From Summer to Fall


It’s hard to believe that this summer is almost over already; the time has just flown by.  I have only four days and I’ll be moving into Hofstra to start the school year.  Even though summer passed in a blur it was filled with some wonderful memories.  I was able to work at the dentist office as I did in high school which was amazing.  I’m definitely going to miss leaving my work family.  I also got to do some traveling this summer.  I went to New York City with Dad and Ryan, Emerald Isle in North Carolina with some family friends, and to visit family in Upstate New York and Western Massachusetts.  All the while I was making some wonderful memories with my family and friends.

Though I have always been a fan of summer and am never completely ready to say goodbye to it, I am incredibly excited for fall to arrive and to bring another year of college along with it.  I can’t wait to start at Hofstra and be busy with my studies and making some great memories in a new place.  And I can do that all knowing that if I want to I can easily come home for a weekend.   Now it’s time to say goodbye to the final days of a wonderful summer and to welcome in the promising days of fall. ❤


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