Crash Month


This year has flown by faster than I ever imagined it would and has eft me wondering exactly where the time went in my freshman year of college.  There’s is only a month left to the semester and then it’s summer break.  Of course the next month is going to be crash month as every professor throws end of semester work my way.  Already the work has seemed to be piling up with deadlines being made before the last one has yet to have been met.  The papers, tests, and presentations sam to be endless.

This semester has been even more amazing than the last it seems though.  Don’t get me wrong, I made some great memories last semester but this semester has just seemed to have this energy that the last didn’t.  My workload is a bit heavier this semester and yet I’ve been able to some great things semester.  The most recent one was going to HOSA state competition in Greensboro this past weekend.  The conference went from Thursday morning to Saturday morning and was a blur of different activities.  It was great to spend time with my friends off campus and away from the stress of school.  Almost all of us in the group placed to continue on to Nationals as well.  I was one of the people who placed.  In fact, my PSA group placed first in the post-secondary division.  Overall the weekend was just perfect.  The HOSA competition was one of my many great memories this semester some of which were being visited by my family, helping with the South Ridge Murder Mystery Party, and going home for Spring Break.

It doesn’t help that this semester the weather has been unusually warm bringing an early and gorgeous spring with it.  The flowers and trees have all been blooming making the semester even more enjoyable.

And yet, though the time has flown this semester in a good way, I’m still stunned by exactly how fast the time flew by.


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