Another Year Has Come and Gone


I can’t believe that already another year has come and gone. It seems as though the time went by in one giant blur. The days seemed slow themselves and yet now I look back and question that notion. This year has certainly been full of many memories though and none of them ones that I regret.

For starters the spring brought three graduations; Mom got her master’s degree in special education, I graduated from North Attleboro High School, and Brandon and Ryan graduated from middle school. I had the best graduation party that I could’ve asked for with so many people who are important to me. After graduation I got to take my first trip to NYC with my mom, her sister’s, and my grandmother and went to see Taylor Swift perform at Gillette Stadium with my sis Bekka.

This summer I turned 18 in Barcelona, Spain with my family. I left America as a 17 year old and landed in Barcelona as an 18 year old. Kinda cool if you ask me :p Going to Barcelona also gave me a chance to put 6 (now 7) years of spanish to use as the family translator. After a couple days in Barcelona we boarded the Brilliance of the Seas and headed off on a cruise that took us to Nice, Cannes, Monte Carlo, Florence, Rome, Vatican City, Sorrento, Ephesus, Athens, and Santorini. It was whirlwind of memories that I will cherish forever in some amazing places with the best family a girl could ask for.

I came home from the trip to a flourish of activity as I tired to cram in as many things as possible in my final two weeks before college. I ended my two years working with Dr. Barrett, Karen, Leslie, and Heather who all became like a family to me. I said goodbyes to many childhood friends, to my dearest friends Angela and Bekka, to Bekka’s family who have become a part of my own, and went to the beautiful wedding of Mary and Michael. Along with those wonderful memories I also missed out on Kristen and Michael’s wedding and the birth of Bekka’s sister Emma.

My first semester of college went by in a blur that can only leave me questioning how the rest of my college semesters will go. The hardest thing I had to do this year was to leave my family and friends behind for school. However, though it was hard I found a terrific group of people in Asheville. I became great friends with my roommate Morgan and with Hallie, two girls who I value dearly and met some great professors including Patrick. I also had some hardships away at college but in the end I came out stronger and more confident in myself.

Now I’m back at home and able to say goodbye to one year and bring in another with my family. There’s no better way to do it : )

Happy New Year!


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