Another Christmas Passed

Christmas tree 2011

Christmas is without a doubt my favorite day of the year. It’s a great time to spend with family and friends enjoying the company of one another and working to ensure everyone’s happiness. It’s a time where everyone is a little kid as we’re all given a chance to believe in the magic that is Christmas. This Christmas was of course no exception to this. However, the magic this year was a little different, at least for me it was. There was magic in the memories that the day made. I seemed to drink them in more fervently than in years past. Being away from home made me realize how to cherish the memories that I make with those people in my life. This day was also magical for me because it was a day to feel as though I was still a little kid living in my parents house and going to the local schools. I was able to enjoy the traditions of Christmas with my family; Waking up at the crack of dawn to share the contents of our stockings with my brothers to share them again with our parents when we get them up; having the same french toast dish that my mother and I make together every Christmas, waiting my turn as my Dad dons his Santa hat and passes the presents out one at a time, unwrapping lasting nearly the whole morning because we savor every moment a present is opened, whether it’s our own present or someone else’s. Sadly, as every year goes, Christmas flies by and before we know it we’re left to count the days until next Christmas. However, in the wake of Christmas we are left with new memories, can bask in the old, and enjoy the gifts we received.

Now I turn to look towards the new year. A time for me to start over. I know that in the New Year I will realize just how important my family an friends are to me. I’ll start a new set of classes with the knowledge that yes, the dreams I’ve had for countless years have been shattered but in their place is a blank slate and the possibilities of what I put on it endless. I’ll be living in a new room and can put the stress of my last living situation behind me but move forward from it with a strong sense of individual strength and the knowledge that my roommate and I will continue to have the support of one another. I look towards this new year with a more open and clear mind to the possibilities before me and knowledge that I don’t actually know what I want.


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