13 Days

Thanksgiving Break has only been over for three days and already I’m going crazy.  Exams, quizzes, papers, and projects.  The list of things to do seems endless and though I’m trying to keep my head about me it’s hard not to just sit there and stare of into space and try to pretend that a place like Narnia exitsts where we could just get away for a moment of time.  Though it’s only 13 days now until I get to go home for Christmas I almost need time to slow down because I feel like I’m moving in fast forward and there’s not enough time to spare.  I’ve been so stressed that this morning I woke up and had to take a moment to realize that no, I wasn’t living the realities of my dreams but yes, I was indeed in my bed.  Needless to say my brain’s a bit fried.  Winter has seemed to set in as well and the cold bleak wheather is doing nothing to help life spirits.  Yesterday it snowed!  My hometown in New England didn’t get snow.  Kinda unfair if you ask me.  Good news, Christmas is in the air and I’m now looking forward to waking up Christmas morning with my family.  And yes, that includes getting up at the crack of dawn with my little brothers to share our stockings.  Some traditions just can’t change.  13 days, 13 days, 13 days…


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