Into the Rush

sunset at Bacia and Pa's

Thanksgiving Break was just what the doctor ordered.  It gave me time away from campus so I wouldn’t go stir crazy and it allowed me to see family for the first time in months, something I needed more than I realized.  I got to see two of my little cousins who have grown up so much since I saw them last summer.  I remember when they were infants! It allowed me to spend time with my grandparents and remember the many summers  spent reading Harry Potter books as Babcia would buy them and share them.  It allowed me to hang out with my Aunt’s and Uncle’s and make new memories to add onto the ones that I’e already accumulated in Fuquay Varina over the summers and family reunions.  Now however, that break is no more.  Instead I’m back on campus and about to head into the rush of things to finish before the end of semester and then the dreaded finals.  The Winter Break countdown commences.  16 days until I’m home and with my parents, brothers, and hometown friends for the first tinme in 4 months.


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