Where the pictures overlap

Today I had the chance to go to the Blue Ridge Parkway, a place that I’ve been told is a must in the fall by many people familiar with the area, with some family friends.  They were right, it was gorgeous!  The views were spectacular and the trees were at the peak of the fall season creating a mixture of colors that made me thank nature for it’s simple beauty multiple times today.  My trip today also led me to think back on a trip I made a couple years ago with my family in upstate New York that led to another set of breathtaking views.  It was nice to have that trigger and be able to take a moment to just think back on happy memories before returning to the new ones that I make everyday here.  The fresh air was refreshing as well since I haven’t been outside much these past couple days.  After a relaxing break though i think it was the breath of fresh air that I needed to get me ready to tackle school once Fall Break ends.


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